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27th May  2019

Blind Date with a Twist - Cilla's Birthday!

Ticket: £5 

Venue: Horse & Stable, Waterloo. 


Come celebrate the matchmaker of matchmakers birthday…. Ms Cilla Black! It’s the banky hols and we want to spread the love! So come and shake off your hangover and meet and greet some new peeps. Maybe start the summer with a new found romance.
An interactive game show like no other taking a 90s classic and putting our summer twist on it!

And who better to set you up than Cilla! Well, Cilla with a Twist at least. Add a twist to your summer breeze with not one but two Cillas! Your hosts... Cilla Dillado will get you vibrating with anticipation setting you tantalizing challenges. Whilst back from extinction is Godcilla who will be judging whether you have the skills to win-over 2 lucky people looking for love. Who needs dating apps when you have Cilla's!

As always 6 lucky contestants will be chosen to play for a date with one of our two lucky lookers, but instead of cheesy one-liners, the contestants will have to woo the lookers in a series of challenges and forfeits. The looker will then say which contestant has won their heart and who they will be taking on their winning date.

As ever we encourage all genders, non-binary and sexualities to come and get involved the more people that apply to play the more matches we can make!
If you are chosen to play you don’t have to PAY!


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